A new year has begun and a new executive takes their place in LB-656! As a whole, we are interested in creating awareness of what it is we do as your Concordia Association for Students in English (C.A.S.E.) executive and all of the (really, really easy) ways you can get involved with us, your program, and your school. We are going to be putting out a call over the next few weeks for Curriculum Committee members, Speakers Committee members, and Creative Writing Committee members. It’s pivotal that we fill these positions with members of the student body so that the English Department Faculty and Staff have a better idea of what the students would like to see, hear, or learn about throughout the course of their studies. Also over the next few weeks, C.A.S.E. will be putting out a call for a VP Finance, a VP Internal, and a VP External for all of you who want a more involved position within the English department.

One of our major goals this year is to organize an undergraduate colloquium (for those of you who have no idea what colloquium means like I had no idea before meeting my co-execs Veronica and Paula, a colloquium is a conference at which scholars or other experts present papers on, analyze, and discuss a specific topic). From the papers selected for the colloquium, we would like to develop and publish an undergraduate academic journal. Our goal in doing all this is to get you guys thinking about other views on works of literature other than your own. Our goal is to get you guys published before you finish your undergrad. Our goal is to make you realize your academic potential.

Another one of our smaller but yet still important goals is to increase attendance in both the department’s academic and social activities. We’ll be organizing a Christmas party, an end-of-year blowout party, scrabble nights, poetry/open-mic nights, meet your profs nights, launch parties, a breast cancer fundraiser, as well as some interfaculty events to spice things up. Here’s the catch: Out of approximately 1200 students we’re tired of seeing the same 50 people come out and have a great time because we know that so many more of you would enjoy yourselves and get to know your fellow students and professors on a more personal basis. We want attendance and awareness to go up and lack of knowing what’s going on to go down. For most of the above-mentioned events you can bring all of your friends so if you work better surrounded by people you know feel free to bring as many people as you want!

These are only a few of the many ideas and hopes that we, as your 2011-2012 executive, have this year and we’re really counting on you, the English Literature and Creative Writing student body, to help us make that happen. Here’s to a great 2011-2012 year!

Wishing you a great semester both in class and out,

Jess Marchand, Veronica Belafi, Olivia Taddio, Paul Wilson
C.A.S.E. 2011-2012 Executive

PS: Stop by our office on Tuesdays between 1:00-2:45 or Thursdays between 1:00-2:45 and 4:00-6:00 if you have any questions on nomination forms, elections, and any general questionson how to get involved!