Come try your L.U.C.C. at the first ever Literature Undergrads’ Colloquium at Concordia!

Have you ever written a paper of which you are particularly proud? Have you ever received a good grade on an essay from a previous class? Have you ever wanted to rework a paper for either of these reasons? If you answered “Yes,” then we want to hear from you! The C.A.S.E. 2011-2012 Executive is very proud to announce the first ever English Literature Undergraduate Colloquium, to take place, all day, on February 3, 2012. This conference will provide a constructive, academic environment, in which students present papers for an approximate delivery time of 15 minutes each. Our L.U.C.C. planning committee will group papers into panels of 3-4 according to topic, allowing for a loosely themed, dynamic group discussion to follow the presentations.

The purpose of this event is threefold: to practice presenting your ideas in front of an academic audience, to receive positive feedback, and to see your name in print! Students who partake in the colloquium will have their papers published in the first ever L.U.C.C. Academic Journal, a new addition to our department’s publications offerings, which will sit alongside our Creative Writing sister journal, Soliloquies. Papers from all departments and subjects are welcome. The deadline for submissions is set for Monday, January 16th, 2012 and please submit them by email to Alex Lee, at You can submit multiple papers to increase your chances of being chosen, but please keep the limit to two per student.

We are really excited to kick-start what we hope will become an annual conference-publication duo, and are looking forward to hearing from you over the next few weeks!

–Your 2011-2012 C.A.S.E. Executive


THIS IS A HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR UNDERGRAD STUDENTS! Student’s get to present publish any essays that they did good on in any class once their paper has been accepted by the Reviewing Committee! All you have to do is look on your computer right now for a paper that you are proud of and send an email with the document attached to to be considered! Do it now!

ps: on case I haven’t made this clear yet, this is a big deal and has taken several years to make happen!