Fellow students,

As per the student’s request, CASE has decided to hold its own General Assembly in regards to the strike. This will take place on Thursday, March 15th from 1-3pm in LB-646. We strongly encourage our department faculty, teachers and students to participat…e in the discussion and final vote. Whether you are for or against the strike, it is important for our department to have a better understanding of what our students want. A representative from the CSU will be present to answer any and all questions/ concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

Your CASE Executive


1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Appointment of Chair
4. Appointment of Secretary
5. Presentation/Discussion of Tuition increase
6. Presentation/Discussion on CSU mandate
7. Motion Regarding Student Strike
i. Approval of motion wording (friend/unfriendly amendments)
ii. Vote on Motion
iii. Adjournment


1) Whereas the Concordia Student Union has passed the motion for a 5 day strike as of Thursday, March 15th 2012 during the March 7th, 2012, General Assembly.
2) Whereas the English Department held a General Assemble on Thursday March 15th, 2012 open to all undergraduate students in the English and Creative Writing department.
3) Be it resolved that the Undergraduate students in the English and Creative Writing Department does not/support the strike from March 15th 2012 to the 22nd 2012, as voted on by the members of the Concordia Student Union on March 7th 2012.
4) Be it further resolved that a committee be created to coordinate all English and Creative Writing departmental related strike activities and that participation in this committee be open to all Undergraduate English and Creative Writing students as well.
5) Be it further resolved that under no circumstances students are to resort to any physical or verbal violence.
6) Be it resolved that student’s wishing to participate in attending classes may be allowed so without prejudice;
7) Be it resolved that student’s wishing to exercise their right to strike under the CSU strike mandate may be allowed so without prejudice.