Dear English Undergraduate students,

CASE held a General Assembly at 1:00 on Thursday, March 15. We are now making the results of this assembly public.
Seventy-six students gathered to discuss the implication of the 6-day CSU strike. After much questioning and debate, the results are as follows: 41 students votes in favour of the strike, 30 students voted against the strike, and 5 students abstained. The English student body has voted to support the CSU strike; we encourage all students to review the motion, and to familiarize themselves with the terms of this vote.
We are making the final Agenda and Motion available to all. Please find them listed below.

For questions concerning the newly formed English Students’ Strike Committee, please contact Olivia Taddio (she can put you in contact with the committee Chair). To acquire a copy of the Assembly minutes, please email Paula Wilson at All other questions may be directed at Veronica Belafi,
Should CASE need to conduct another vote (depending upon the forthcoming actions/decisions of the CSU), a second General Assembly may be announced, in keeping with the required 7-day notice.
CASE would like to thank all those students who came out to voice their opinions.
Your CASE Executive
Veronica Belafi
Jessica Marchand
Paula Wilson
Olivia Taddio
Matthew Dunleavy
Danielle Bird
Alexandra Lee
Alexandra Liv Albert.

C.A.S.E. General Assembly

Public announcement of this Special General Assembly, announced on March 7, 2012:


1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Appointment of Chair
4. Appointment of Secretary
5. Presentation/Discussion of Tuition increase
6. Presentation/Discussion on CSU mandate
7. Discussion of CASE Strike Comm.
8. Motion Regarding Student Strike
i. Approval of motion wording (friend/unfriendly amendments)
ii. Vote on Motion
iii. Adjournment


1) Whereas the Concordia Student Union has passed the motion for a 6 day strike as of
Thursday, March 15th 2012 during the March 7th, 2012, General Assembly.
2) Whereas the English Department held a General Assembly on Thursday March 15th,
2012 open to all undergraduate students in the English Department.
3) Be it resolved that the Undergraduate students in the English Department support the
strike from March 15th 2012 to the 22nd 2012, as voted on by the members of the
Concordia Student Union on March 7th 2012.
4) Be it further resolved that the vote held at the English Department General Assembly
does not necessarily reflect a view in favour of, or against, the tuition increase.
5) Be it further resolved that a committee be created to coordinate all English Department
related strike activities and that participation in this committee be open to all
Undergraduate English students as well.
6) Be it further resolved that under no circumstances are students to resort to any physical
or verbal violence, such as actions whereby members of the University are physically
prevented from entering into classrooms.
7) Be it further resolved that students wishing to participate in attending classes will be
allowed to do so without prejudice.
8) Be it further resolved that students wishing to exercise their right to strike under the CSU
strike mandate will be allowed to do so without prejudice.

Voting results, as of 3:45 on March 15, 2012:

41 Yes
30 No
5 Abstain