Please mark your calendars for our end of year event! It will be taking place at the Cock’N’Bull on St Catherines and we’ve been given an amazing deal! Bring your best drinking pants and shoes because there is a lot of beer to go around!

CASE (English Lit) and SHAC (History) will be co hosting this lovely evening of fun together. There are 175 bracelets to go around and it is first come first serve! If you want to wear one of these glorious bracelets you should try to come as early as possible and once you have your bracelet you get to go to any of the three tap tables and have one of our presidents/VPs serve you the beers on tap for the evening!

THIS IS A FREE EVENT. If you show up, are in English or History, and there’s still room left, you get to drink fo’ free!

So come out and have some fun with your fellow classmates! We want to spoil you before our term runs out May 1! If you have any questions please email Olivia at or Jess at 🙂