Hey English Students (and everyone else at Concordia)!!!


C.A.S.E. is hosting the first Pub Quiz night of the year!!!

It’s going to be taking place at Brutopia (basement) 12,19 Crescent St., Montreal at 8:00pm on Tuesday September 24th,2013.

Its going to be awesome! So grab some friends and make a team with a cool name and then e-mail veronic at with your team name and members.

We will be giving out drink tickets that are good for one drink per person for beer, cocktails and wine!  So, basically, we will give out one free drink to everyone who shows up, drink of their choice, then a free drink to the winners of each round. Once we run out of drink tickets, everyone will just have to pay for their own alcohol. 


Come hang out with us and learn something interesting about literature!!