The Concordia Association for Students in English presents our first annual
Everything-You-Need-to-Know Student Orientation Workshop

When: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2015 at 11am
Where: LB-649

C.A.S.E. welcomes new and returning English Literature and Creative Writing students to join us for an opportunity to learn more about:
• The English Department
• Valuable resources on campus
• Social, academic, and professional opportunities

Refreshments will be provided.

11:00-11:05 Introduction

11:05-11:45 Department-specific resources
• Chair: Andre Furlani
• Creative Writing Director: Stephanie Bolster
• Student Liaison Officer: Patrick Leroux
• Academic Advisor: Cynthia Quarrie
• Graduate Program Director: Danielle Bobker
• English Librarian: Vince Graziano

11:45-12:00 Q&A and break

12:00-12:05 Reintroduction

12:05-1:15 University resources
• Dean of Students: Andrew Woodall
• CSU Legal Clinic
• Centre for Gender Advocacy: Anais Cadieux

1:15-onwards Q&A and Student Resource Guide

In addition to the workshop, we are preparing a CASE Student Resource Guide to distribute at the workshop and share on our website. It will include contact information for various resources in our department, on campus, and in Montreal, which we think may be beneficial to students. We hope this guide will introduce students to people and places that may be of benefit to them that we are unable to host within the time constraints of our workshop. The CASE Student Resource Guide will be distributed at the end of the workshop, and will be available on thereafter.