When: Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 at 4:00pm
Where: LB-646

CASE invites all Undergraduate English students for a discussion on Austerity, Strikes and General Assemblies. The event will be taking place on November 20th at 4pm in LB-646.

Following the Quebec government’s proposed Austerity measures, we saw workers and students throughout the province demonstrating a collective effort to seek alternative options and show resistance. Last spring, the Concordia English students joined by participating in a one-day solidarity strike, voted by students at our General Assembly.

As we see the affect of budget cuts in the English department itself, we are aiming to demystify the topics surrounding Austerity, and forms of collective action taken as a response. Allowing for discussion to occur in an inclusive space, without judgment. As the work continues to stop these measures of Austerity from being further implemented, CASE understands that students might not be familiar with these topics, may hold concerns or questions, and would like to express them. We hope that you will join us in order to create open dialogue and discuss our collective goals and hopes regarding Austerity and the English departments.

If possible please try and email your questions before the 20th to our VP External. If you are not able to attend the event, but would still like to discuss/ask questions you can email them to External, as well.

Maidina Kadeer

Bellow are link to websites where you can access more information on Austerity.