Sailing News

After last year’s seventh successful latest no deposit casino bonuses uk at Concordia (L.U.C.C.), we would like to invite students to apply to our vetting team for our eighth edition!

The vetting process will begin in February 2019 but applications must be submitted to by Friday, November 16th at 11:59 pm. When applying, please include a brief cover letter detailing who you are, your qualifications, and why you’re interested in being part of our team. Students are encouraged to include their academic and extracurricular history that might relate to their qualifications for this position. Depending on the number of applications, you may be asked to review a short sample paper to show your familiarity with academic essays.

As part of our vetting team, your responsibilities include:
–  Attending a brief workshop on reviewing and editing papers.
–  Combing through the submissions and selecting which ones will be presented at the LUCC conference.
–  Editing the chosen essays so that they are fit to be published in the conference’s accompanying academic journal.
–  All of which will take place in February and March 2019.

These volunteer positions give committee members valuable experience in the editing and publication process of academic papers, insight into planning a colloquium, and their name in the final L.U.C.C. journal. This position will be recognized on your Co-curricular Record.Special 10-Year nnivaersary.png