Meet your executive team (1).pngWho are we? 

CASE is a student-run association focused on maintaining the strong feeling of community among all students currently enrolled in English Literature and/or Creative Writing courses offered by the English Department at Concordia University. We also act as a liaison between the English student body and the Department, the CSU (Concordia Student Union) and ASFA (Arts and Science Federation of Associations).

What do we do? 

CASE has prided itself over the years on balancing the academic and social opportunities offered to students. The 2016-2017 executive aims to continue the work of our predecessors by offering literary open mic nights, pub quizzes, guest lectures, inter-department social events, a formal dinner, and much more. This is all in addition to our major projects: Soliloquies Anthology, LUCC and the LUCC journal. These activities and events offer forums for intellectual exchange, opportunities to network with like-minded individuals and, ultimately, forge lasting bonds among the participants, both student and faculty alike. Above all, we offer a variety of different avenues for English students to merge the social and academic aspects of life at Concordia University.

Where are we?

Our office is located at LB-656 (SGW Campus) – Mailbox #55
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Michael d’Itri – President
16652034_10155056618618217_445358279_n.jpgMichael D’Itri is a dedicated Concordia student  in his last semester of the Honours English and Creative Writing program. He previously served as the VP Internal Affairs for CASE, and this year serves as President. He seek to use his communication and leadership skills to ensure a safe, accountable, efficient and united team and thus help better serve the interests of the student body. He is a self-described people-person and also wishes to foster a community spirit within the Concordia English department. His current studies have been particularly interested in the dramatic and poetic masters of the 17th century as well as 19th century literary Modernism. His passions outside school include 90s music, pizza and his stereotypically large Italian family.

Sarah Gaspard – VP Academic


Sarah Gaspard is currently wrapping up her second year in Honours English literature at Concordia. She previously completed a B.A.& Sc. in Cognitive Science with a minor in Philosophy, and she has been working part-time as a research auxiliary in the field of health and security in the workplace for the last two years. Born and raised in Montreal, she enjoys skiing, skating and hiking almost as much as impromptu movie marathons. She also likes to learn new languages (currently working on her Italian) and experiment with creative writing. As your C.A.S.E. VP Academic, she wants to put her listening, organizational and communication skills to good use, and offer students as many opportunities as possible to showcase and share their academic and creative work.

Debby Gemme – VP Communications

12243594_10153775037408217_5160279990462289050_nDebby is an Undergraduate student currently working towards an English Literature Major. She is most drawn to short fiction that deals with introspection, alienation, and gender politics but will read just about anything. Her position as VP Communications is informed by her background in website design and marketing, as well as her experience organizing annual benefit shows that provide financial support to children in need all across Montreal. During her time in C.A.S.E., she hopes to help further unify the English student body and the association that serves it by contributing her strengths to the executive team. Her hopes and dreams involve thought-provoking literature, unequivocal equality and universal kindness.

Megan Ennenberg – VP External

16652518_10155056617188217_1914880721_n.jpgMegan is in her final year of an English Major degree with a minor in History. She loves modern literature, is deeply humbled by Joyce, and sports a huge compassion for Virginia Woolf’s Orlando for its theoretically genius emphasis on feminist intimacies and the multiplicity of selfhood. Woolf’s idea that memory is the seamstress that sows all our hither and thither fragmentations together satisfies the history student in Megan. She is interested most in the intersections between mental health, race, and gender identity politics in women’s literature, poetry, and history. Megan was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C., was trained in the circus, is a singer and poet, a Unitarian and seasonal cherry picker, and is very excited to be working on CASE this year as your VP External. If you see her around campus and have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to come talk to her. “I’m the one that smiles a lot” – Megan.

Francesco Valente – VP Finance & ASFA Councillor

17350028_10154862875870935_2377031692134928105_o.jpgHey, I’m Francesco, the executive that ironically deals with the math. There’s not much to say about me. Besides liking nature and dogs and toe-socks like every sane person, I also enjoy being in situations that make me uncomfortable and drinking orange juice after brushing my teeth. In terms of literature, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite book or author since moods are always changing. Recently I find that Canadian lit., particularly Montreal literature, has been grabbing my attention. I also think interdisciplinary studies are important to enrich and develop our own unique perspective of literature.

Nadia El Hallaoui – VP Internal


Nadia El Hallaoui is an Undergraduate student in her last year of her Bachelor’s degree in Honours English Literature. She previously studied Social Sciences at John Abbott College and aspires to pursue a Graduate career in Speech Pathology. She is mainly interested in linguistics, more specifically, language on the brain and speech disorders. She has published an essay in the LUCC Proceedings journal at Concordia University and has presented her paper at the LUCC panel in 2016. She currently occupies the position of VP Internal Affairs in C.A.S.E which facilitates communication between the English Department and the C.A.S.E team. She hopes to help make the English student body’s university experience more fun and enriching. Outside of school, she enjoys playing music, song-writing, cooking, walking and hiking, family, and friends.

Jake Byrne – VP Publications


Jake Byrne is the VP of Publications, and the Editor-in-Chief of Soliloquies Anthology. Find out more about him here.

Alexander Luiz Cruz – VP Social


The master of wine & cheeses, Alexander Luiz Cruz is an Undergraduate student doing Honours English Literature and Creative Writing and minoring in Political Science. He began his career in English in the Literature program at Dawson College, and to this day participates actively in the lit community in Montreal through his engagement with organizations such as the Dawson Theatre Collective as an actor, writer and executive member, and the Autodidacts Concordia Theatre Club, as a founding member. As VP Social of C.A.S.E, he is committed to continue C.A.S.E’s legacy of organizing interesting and engaging events for the English student community where you can get a drink or seven without being judged, while also organizing more events to bolster student creativity and writing skills. When not slaving away trying to book rooms for events, you can find him slaving away trying to book rooms for his other club, drinking tea or thinking up more ideas for plays to write.