Elect Your 2017-2018 C.A.S.E. Team!

The Concordia Association for Students in English is in the process of electing its 2017-2018 executive committee.

Polling will take place in the 6th floor of the LB Building on:

March 23, 10-6pm
March 24, 9-5pm
March 27, 9-5pm

The candidates are:

President – Debby Gemme
VP Academic – Sarah Gaspard
VP Publications – Meredith Marty-Dugas


Orientation Brunch


Come join us on February 16th from 10-1 p.m. on the 6th floor of the Library Building! Free food and beverages for all! Plus, get to know the faculty members and fellow students. We are delighted to have some representatives from campus resource offices join us; this includes the Dean of Students and representatives from the Sexual Assault Research Centre, CSU, Centre for Gender Advocacy, Ombuds office and more. They will be giving a brief introduction to the resources available to you, all in the comfort of you indulging in free bagels and coffee with your peers and professors. Whether you’re a new student or just about ready to graduate, C.A.S.E. would love to see you there!

Let us know here if you’ll be joining!

*Limited quantity of food and beverages

Mid-Semester Wine & Cheese

We all know getting back to school after a week off can feel like a bit of a downer. Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect remedy to get you through the rest of the semester! Due to the fantastic turnout at the last Wine & Cheese, C.A.S.E. is back once more with complimentary food, beverages, and live music! Come mingle with fellow English students, faculty members, and your C.A.S.E. team!

The event will be on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 – 5-8pm – MB 2.130

Limited quantity of beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages will be readily available to those who do not wish to drink.

Literature Undergraduates’ Colloquium at Concordia (LUCC)

CASE cordially invites you to attend the fifth annual Literature Undergraduates’ Colloquium at Concordia. Join us on April 1st, 2016 in H-763 for a full day of academic papers presented by Concordia undergraduate students in the humanities, and a Wine & Cheese reception to network with profs and other students.

Schedule of Events:
9:00-10:00 Breakfast
10:00-12:30 Panels
12:30-1:45 Lunch
1:45-4:00 Panels
4:00-5:00 Keynote address
5:00-7:00 Wine & Cheese Reception

Click here to view the full Literature Undergraduates’ Colloquium at Concordia 2016 schedule.

All food and drinks will be provided by CASE free of charge. LUCC Proceedings, the Colloquium’s academic journal, will be on sale during the reception for $5.00.

LUCC Poster Print

CASE Elections

When: March 15, 10:30am – 6:30pm
March 16, 10:00am – 6:00pm

Where: LB building, 6th floor, lobby

March 16 update: The polling station has been moved down the hall and around the corner (next to the English department offices, near the seminar room).

It’s time to choose the 2016-2017 executive committee for CASE! Join us on March 15 & 16 to vote. Even if a position is uncontested, we still need your vote to make the change.

Voting will take place on the 6th floor of the LB building (right outside the elevators). Voters must present student ID and be enrolled in an undergraduate English program (major/minor/specialization/honours).

Polling times:
March 15, 10:30am – 6:30pm
March 16, 10:00am – 6:00pm

The nominees are listed below, followed by bios of each.

Mike D’Itri

VP Internal
Alex Milton

VP Communications
Maidina Kadeer
Léandre Larouche

VP Social
Alexander Luiz Cruz

VP Finance
Francesco Valente

VP Publications
Jake Byrne

VP External
Megan Ennenberg

VP Academic
Sarah Gaspard

ASFA Councillor
Alex Milton

Mike D’Itri
Most people call me Mike, but Michael is fine too! I am a dedicated Concordia student enrolled in the Honours English and Creative Writing program. Having been heavily involved in the English department for the past year, I look forward to pursuing the role of President for the upcoming year. As a candidate for the President of C.A.S.E., I seek to use my communication and organisational skills to ensure a more efficient and united team and thus help better serve the interests of the student body. I am a people-person and wish to foster a community spirit within the Concordia English department. My current studies have been particularly interested in the dramatic and poetic masters of the 17th century. My passions outside school include 90s music, pizza and my stereotypically large Italian family.

Megan Ennenberg
Megan Ennenberg is entering her fourth and final year at Concordia as an English Literature major with a History minor. By joining C.A.S.E. as VP External, she hopes to maintain a visible, spirited alliance between English students and the various communities and resources available to them at Concordia. Through an active presence in the student community, her time on C.A.S.E. will be dedicated to making the department’s available services more readily accessible and inviting. Her ears are open to any and all suggestions, questions, stream-of-consciousness outbursts bubbling up in you, and will use her communication and interpersonal skills to represent those platforms alongside other C.A.S.E. execs. Previously, Megan has represented the junior-branch on the board of an international non-profit peace education organization where she gained experience with internal and external communications, teamwork, facilitating camps and volunteer opportunities, editing by-laws, and analyzing the organization’s outreach projects on both local and national levels. By day, Megan will work hard to merge this past experience into C.A.S.E.’s team to represent you to the best of her ability. By night, you’ll find her dabbling in circus arts and the comfort of home-cooked meals, or at the occasional poetry reading, open-mic, or 90s dance-party.

Sarah Gaspard
I am currently wrapping up my first year in Specialization in English literature (still loving it!). Born and raised in Montreal, I enjoy skiing, skating and hiking almost as much as impromptu movie marathons. I also like to learn new languages (currently working on my Italian) and experiment with creative writing. I am running to become your C.A.S.E. VP Academic next year because I want to put my listening, organizational and communication skills to good use, and work on offering you as many opportunities as possible to showcase and share your academic and creative work. I want to listen to your thoughts and concerns about our academic environment and work on voicing your opinions and putting some of your ideas into practice. I also simply want to become more involved within my community of fellow literature lovers, and participate in making the next year a great one for all of us. I hope I will get the opportunity to represent you on the C.A.S.E. team next year!

Alexander Luiz Cruz
Alexander Luiz Cruz is an Undergraduate Student double majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing at Concordia University and minoring in Political Sciences. A passionate student of English literature for the past three years, he began his career in English in the Literature program at Dawson College, from which he graduated in 2015 with academic honours. His commitment to the arts and the proliferation of English work has shown itself not only in Concordia but in the Montreal community at large, through his engagement with organizations such as the Dawson Theatre Collective, as an actor, writer and executive member, the St. Bruno Players Theatre Company, and the Autodidacts Concordia Theatre Club, as a founding member. If elected as VP Social of C.A.S.E, he would like to continue C.A.S.E’s legacy of organizing interesting and engaging events for the English student community that foster bonds between students of the department (such as the Wine & Cheese or Trivia Night) while also organizing more events to bolster student creativity and writing skills through events like poetry readings, writing workshops, and guest speaker talk-back sessions.

Francesco Valente
I’m in the second year of my English literature bachelor. I guess this means I like books and reading. Some authors I like: Mordechai Richler, Neil Gaiman and Shakespeare. Authors I hate: Stephen King, Richard Bachman, and Stephen King. On my own time I like to explore the city and snowboard and play with people’s dogs. I’m also addicted to League of Legends.
As to why I’m running: I think that participating in school organizations is an important and helpful tool in building character and making the most of a scholarly experience. This is actually my first endeavor in school politics and I’m excited to be a part. I hope to bring my positive attitude and skills to the CASE team.

Léandre Larouche
Léandre Larouche was born in 1996, in a French township far far away. Despite his teachers taught him Voltaire, he decided that he preferred Shakespeare. So twenty years later he moved to Montreal and started a B.A. Honours in English Literature at Concordia University, and he did so with the fierce intention to get involved as much as he can. As he was sneaking his way through the obscure hallways of the sixth floor of the LB-Building, he found out he could be VP of Communications for the CASE if English students let him the chance. If elected, Léandre would put his personal touch to CASE’s communications: entertaining but relevant. And that is all, because it goes without saying that he would be a reliable, dedicated executive, and he would try his best to make communications as awesome as he can!

Maidina Kadeer
I am a second-year English Literature student. I am running for the position of VP Communication as I feel my experience and ability best matches what is expected of the position. I graduated from an Arts High School in 2014, where I had the opportunity to take courses dealing with the usage of adobe softwares, and creating/designing websites. Furthermore, my involvement within the Concordia community has allowed me to work on various forms of design and campaigns, thus I would love to continue what I enjoy doing within C.A.S.E. I am very familiar with ASFA by-laws and the way in which C.A.S.E. operates. I would like to ensure that events within the department, as well as news is made more accessible and transparent to English students. I hope to work with the fellow executives to continue ensuring that the best interests of Concordia students is represented both within the faculty- and the general Concordia sphere. I hope you will come out on polling days to exercise your right to vote, it is truly ‘lit to do so!

Jake Byrne
Jake Byrne is a student in Concordia’s Honours English and Creative Writing program. A passionate editor and advocate for the literary arts, he plans to use his organizational experience gained as former Financial Vice-President of the King’s Students’ Union and as National Representative for Nova Scotia for the Canadian Federation of Students to make Concordia’s student publications as efficiently and transparently run as possible. Jake wants to continue the established legacy of Soliloquies Anthology and LUCC, and he likes pizza, Magic: The Gathering, poetry, and the Real Housewives franchise of bad television.

Alex Milton
-Check back soon!-

Elections Poster