ENGL Classes are canceled tomorrow, Thursday, April 2nd, 2015

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 2nd, there will be no undergraduate or graduate classes for English – (ENGL). Your professor will let you know if there will be a make-up class.

Cross-listed classes:
Courses that are cross-listed with any of the affected classes will be included in the day of reflection. A cross-listed class is one where there are two course names and numbers that meet in the same location at the same time and have the same instructor. You can access the complete list of classes that will not be held here.

During the upcoming strike period, please be aware that:

Your professor is expected to meet his/her responsibilities to deliver their respective curriculum.
Professors are expected to teach their courses as usual but may need to make alternate arrangements. S/he will email you directly.

Even if you decide not to attend class, you are still expected to meet the requirements for your course.
The term will not be extended.


English Undergrads Vote in Favor for One-day Strike This Thursday, April 2nd, 2015.

In today’s General Assembly, the CASE membership voted in favor of the following motion:

Whereas CASE is opposed to the austerity measures proposed by the Quebec government, be it resolved that the undergraduate students in the English department go on strike on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015.

Be it further resolved, a soft picket line will be held during the strike.

(Soft picket: Students may not block and disrupt other students and faculty from entering their classrooms)

Voting Results:
For: 48
Against: 34
Abstain: 3
Spoiled ballot: 1

Administration will be informed of this motion tonight. They will be distributing information to faculty and students.

Please share this information with your classmates.

Any further questions should be directed to case.president@asfa.ca

General Assembly Agenda

Friendly Reminder: Our General Assembly will be next week, on Tuesday, March 31st at 6pm in LB-646.

IMPORTANT: Bring your student id!

Here are the items on our agenda:
-Approval of chair
-Approval of agenda
-Executive reports
-Austerity and student strikes
-ASFA Fee Levy

IMPORTANT: General Assembly to be held

Due to a high volume of student interest, the Concordia Association for Students in English has elected to hold a General Assembly in regards to a potential strike.

The GA will take place on Tuesday, March 31 at 6pm in LB 646.

The GA will be open to all undergraduate students enrolled in a degree program in the Department of English (Honours, Specialization, Major, or Minor).

The agenda will be made available to students in the days preceding the assembly.

If students feel strongly about issues that may be raised at the General Assembly, it is of paramount importance that they attend, as a vote on any issues pertaining to student opinions can only take place in the event that we meet quorum (an attendance of 44 qualifying bodies).

Please share this information with your friends in the Department. Any decisions made during the assembly will be representative of ALL undergraduate students in the Department, whether they are present to vote or not.

More information: https://csu.qc.ca/content/%E2%80%8Bquick-info-regarding-student-strikes-against-public-sector-budget-cuts-concordia

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/655867534518999/

C.A.S.E. is looking for executives to join its 2015-2016 team!

Join C.A.S.E.

The Concordia Association for Students in English is in the process of electing our 2015-2016 executive committee.

The nominations period will take place from March 18th until 24th. The campaigning period will take placeMarch 25th to 31st. This year, our election polling days are April 1st and 2nd

For a nomination form and the specifics of the elections process, please contact our CEO at case.ceo@gmail.com.  If you are interested in joining C.A.S.E., please attend our information session onTuesday, March 17 3:30-4:30pm (LB-651).

 C.A.S.E. is seeking students interested in self-nominating for the following positions:
 – President: Position as the main signing authority and representative of the Association to its Membership, to the A.S.F.A. Executive.

VP Internal Affairs: Position as the primary liaison between the Association and the Department. The VP Internal shall be responsible for hiring and working with the CEO. They shall also work the Department’s Faculty Student Liaison to fulfill any additional tasks (such as arranging Departmental Committee elections).

VP External Affairs: Position as the primary liaison between the Association and other bodies outside of the University.

VP Communications: Position as the primary distributor if information to the Membership (publicity and public relations).

VP Finance: Position as the signing authority, holding the responsibility over financial matters of the Association.

VP Social Affairs: Position as the coordinator of all social events organized for the members; responsibility for booking space and materials required for events and services provided for the members.

VP Academic Affairs: Position as the main representative of the Association on all matters relating to the curriculum within the Department and for coordinating academic services and events for its members. Chief organizer of the Literature Undergrads’ Colloquium at Concordia (L.U.C.C.)

VP PublicationsPosition to oversee the publication of Soliloquies and other approved affiliated publications.

Re-holding of by-elections

Concordia Association for Students in English will be re-holding by-elections for the position of VP of Academic Affairs for the 2014-2015 academic year, due to a clerical error in our previous poll. There has been no change in the candidate(s) for the position. Due to unforeseen complications in the previous election held in October, the ballots have been voided and will need to be polled again.
Polling takes place on Wednesday, November 12th, and Thursday, November 13th, from 10am to 4pm, outside of the 6th floor LB elevators.
For those of you who missed the opportunity to exercise your democratic right in our previous elections, please don’t miss out this time. All registered English students can vote. Students must present valid Concordia ID. Please tell your friends.