The Concordia Association for Students in English is in the process of electing our 2018-2019 executive committee.

The nominations period will take place from March 22nd until 28th. The campaigning period will take place March 29th to April 6th. This year, our election polling days are April 9th and 10th

For a nomination form and the specifics of the elections process, please contact our VP Internal at  

C.A.S.E. is seeking students interested in self-nominating for the following positions:

President: Position as the main signing authority and representative of the Association to its Membership, to the A.S.F.A. Executive.

VP Internal Affairs: Position as the primary liaison between the Association and the Department. The VP Internal shall be responsible for hiring and working with the CEO. They shall also work the Department’s Faculty Student Liaison to fulfill any additional tasks (such as arranging Departmental Committee elections).

VP External Affairs: Position as the primary liaison between the Association and other bodies outside of the University.

VP Communications: Position as the primary distributor of information to the Membership (publicity and public relations).

VP Finance: Position as the signing authority, holding the responsibility over financial matters of the Association.

VP Social Affairs: Position as the coordinator of all social events organized for the members; responsibility for booking space and materials required for events and services provided for the members.

VP Academic Affairs: Position as the main representative of the Association on all matters relating to the curriculum within the Department and for coordinating academic services and events for its members. Chief organizer of the Literature Undergrads’ Colloquium at Concordia (L.U.C.C.)

VP PublicationsPosition to oversee the publication of Soliloquies and other approved affiliated publications.

ASFA CouncilorHeld independently or concurrently with another position, position entails articulating the interests of English students at the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) council. Attendance to the monthly council is the position’s main duty, together with keeping the CASE executive up to date with ASFA developments that concern the association.