Committee Applications – Until Oct.1

Come join a Committee! This is a great opportunity to customize our program to our needs!
For more information or application forms contact Michael Tower at The Simple Farmer's Market.png

*Forms to be submitted by Oct.1 @5PM to Stephanie Bolster Lb-642 Mailbox #13


Welcome Brunch – Fall 2018

@ Hall 1001-01 // 9:30AM to 12:30AM

Come enjoy free food and beverages and chat with fellow students and faculty members, all in the comfort of you indulging in bagels and coffee with your peers and professors.

Whether you’re a new student or just about ready to graduate, we’d love to see you there!

This time in collaboration with ISSA

Confirm your presence here!

Defamation law in Quebec – RadLaw

As a follow up to the Legal Workshop we organized on February 15th, @RadLawMcGill has shared with us the notes relevant to defamation law in Quebec. If you have additional questions, please let us know and we will gladly relay them to RadLaw. Please note that this document is not intended to provide legal advice, but rather to dispense legal information.

Soliloquies 22.1 – Launch Party


We invite all and all to join us as we launch our darling Soliloquies Anthology 22.1. A night for celebration and festivities and all in the company of Montreal’s most dapper Literatis (yes– we went there). Much conversating and beverating and dancerating to be had! (These are words now!)

AND BRING YOUR BLING! Come wearing shiny shoes! Shiny pants! Shiny dresses and skirts! Shiny whatevermacallit!


D. Christie
Louise Carson
Tessa R.
Alejandra Melian-Morse
Bronwyn Haney
simon t. j. h.-banderob
Fawn Parker

Entry is $3, or $5 with a journal.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

for more info on what we do and who we are and where we come from:

Graduate Studies Info Session

On the lookout for FREE coffee/lunch? Want to know more about graduate studies, or eager to get tips for your current applications? Come to C.A.S.E.’s Grad School or Bust information session this Wednesday at 2:00 PM in the Graduate Lounge (LB-671.05).

Graduate Program Directors Drs. Jill Didur, and Manish Sharma, as well as creative writing program coordinator Professor Kate Sterns will be giving a run-down of the graduate school application process and funding opportunities available to you. Two recent graduates will also be present to answer any questions you may have, and share some tips and warnings based on their own experiences.

Halloween-Themed Writing Contest


Frankenstein: The Dangers of Self-Education

The Grass is Greener

The theme for our first writing contest is horror! You can write about anything having to do with scary, gory, spooky, disturbing stuff, whether you’re creating a story or analyzing a text.

2 cash prizes of 50$ + text will be published on the CASE website to reward:
– Best work of creative writing (poetry, short stories and drama accepted)
– Best work of academic writing

Deadline to submit is Oct 26
Submit applications to Sarah Gaspard at

Attach your work to your email, no names on the actual submission. Indicate in the body of the email whether your text is meant for the academic or the creative award.


Winners will be revealed on Halloween!