Summary of March 8th Climate Review Presentation and Feedback

On Friday, March 8th, Concordia held a meeting with Creative Writing students to respond to the Climate Review report that had been released the day before at 3pm. This message was also shared with English literature students and some alumni, who also chose to attend.

We want to thank everyone who attended this meeting and gave feedback. We are especially grateful to those of our students who stayed for our general meeting that took place afterwards. We will be releasing a response to both the Climate Report and the meeting soon, once we have had a chance to integrate the feedback we received from our students. For now, we believe it is important for our students unable to attend to have a chance to read what was discussed on Friday.

Below is a rough transcription of the meeting’s proceedings. We cannot guarantee that these are the exact words used, but rather a summary to inform students and the public about what was discussed. The climate review was an external process and the “panelists” at the meeting are unrelated to that committee. Faculty on the panel are essentially liaisons, communicating this info (all available online) to students in attendance.


Release of Climate Review Report

Following the wider publicity in January 2018 around previous allegations of sexual misconduct in the English Department, Concordia announced they would conduct a Climate Review of the Department of English by external experts. However, they declined student requests to allow student representatives to provide input on which external experts would be chosen.

The Climate Review report was released on Concordia’s website Thursday, March 7th and is available at this link. However, we find this website version difficult to follow. We have chosen to share a pdf version of the report below, so that our students and alumni can read the report more easily.

Since the release of the report, we have been in communication with students, administration, the department, and alumni. We will be releasing our thoughts and minutes from some of these meetings soon.